Trophy Skin BlueMD Acne Blue Light Therapy Lamp Review

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The Trophy Skin BlueMD acne blue light therapy lamp is the best product currently present in the market to effectively fight acne. This lamp is ideal, if you want to kill the bacteria and other microorganisms that cause acne on the skin.

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Trophy Skin BlueMD Light Therapy Lamp Features

It has been medically proven by dermatologists that specific light intensity can help kill the acne causing microorganisms and shrink the size of pores. The Trophy Skin acne treatment blue light emits a specific kind of blue light that help in killing the acne causing bacteria living on people’s skin who have acne. Natural sunlight doesn’t help kill such bacteria; it actually helps such bacteria to grow. Through the Trophy Skin BlueMD acne light, you can provide your skin the FDA approved light needed for killing acne producing bacteria.

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The Trophy Skin blue light therapy lamp features a 10,000 hour rated 420nm dermatologist grade blue bulb. The kind of light emission from this bulb is the correct intensity for fighting the acne causing bacteria present on the skin. This light, as mentioned above, has been approved by the American FDA because of the results it has shown when it comes to killing of acne causing bacteria without harming a person’s skin.

The acne blue light treatment lamp can be used depending on your acne condition. For better results, its better you use this lamp 2-3 times per week for 20 minutes. This product has a convenient design thus, letting you to easily place it anywhere you like, in your home or at your workplace. All you have to do is switch it on and direct the light towards you while you take care of your work. The brightness control feature allows you to precisely control the intensity of the light this product emits. As the time passes and your acne condition improves, you can limit the times of your sessions per week until the acne and the pores are all gone. The manual that comes with this acne light therapy lamp tells you about the time you should use this device for treating your acne.

Trophy Skin BlueMD Review

During my research on the Trophy Skin BlueMD Acne blue light therapy lamp, I came across a lot of positive customer reviews. On I found 46 customer reviews and in every review that I read there was nothing but praise for this unique product. Many people have liked the fact that this product is easy to use. Its compact design allows it to be convenient and it can be set-up anywhere you want. According to the customer reviews that I read, this product has helped a lot of customers cure their acne problems quite fast. The average rating of this product on is four stars. Thus, this product is an efficient cure for acne. Click here to read these reviews on Amazon.

During my research I did find some negative customer reviews but compared to the numerous positive customer reviews I read on various websites, they seem negligible.

In the end, after all of my research, I would recommend the Trophy Skin BlueMD Acne blue light therapy lamp to everyone who wants to fight their acne in a very effective manner. Click here to SAVE $40 for a limited time only!

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Larry March 22nd, 2012 (#)

Nice blog!!! Light therapy lamp is easy and effective for your ance problem,
Thanks a lot

Larry April 6th, 2012 (#)

Thanks for such nice blog and it’s tips.

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