Lightphoria 10,000 lux SAD Light Therapy Pad Review

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The Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria 10,000 lux SAD light therapy pad is the best product there is as it enables you to feel better and rejuvenate your energy levels. This Light Pad is ideal, if you want to fight the winter blues or the stress you feel because of work. Click here to buy from Amazon and Save $30 Now!

It has been medically proven that decreased exposure to sunlight due to various reasons such as the winter season, travelling, working indoors etc can negatively affect a person’s well-being. The seasonal affective disorder light therapy pad emits a specific light that mimics the natural light of the sun and thus, your body reacts to this light which helps you increase your energy level and fight off any fatigue or stress you might be feeling. By not allowing your body to feel the natural sunlight, the natural cycles in the body get disrupted and the bodily functions are negatively affected. Through the Lightphoria SAD 10000 lux light therapy pad you can provide your body with the light it needs to perform those functions effectively.

Lightphoria 10,000 lux SAD Light Therapy Pad Features

The Lightphoria light therapy pad emits a specific light. This kind of emission, as mentioned above, is similar to the natural sunlight without the UV rays that harm the person. The SAD light therapy lamp emits light which is up to 10, 000 LUX and thus, this product is one of the most powerful light therapy energy lamps that are currently available in the market.

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The Lightphoria light therapy pad is also capable of emitting moderate doses of light. This makes this product ideal for all day long use as well as for shorter light therapy sessions. This product has a table-top pad like design and thus, you can easily place it anywhere you like, in your home or at your workplace. All you have to do is switch it on and direct the light towards you while you take care of your work. The brightness control feature allows you to precisely control the intensity of the light this product emits. The SAD light therapy pad is also energy efficient as it uses only the energy required to help in enhancing your mood. The instruction manual is easy to read and it helps you use this product according to your needs.

Lightphoria SAD Light Therapy Pad Review

During my research on the Lightphoria 10,000 lux SAD light therapy pad, I came across a lot of positive customer reviews. On I found 864 customer reviews and in every review that I read there was nothing but praise for this unique product. Many people have liked the fact that this product is easy to use. Its compact design allows it to be convenient and it can be set-up anywhere you want. According to the customer reviews that I read, this product has helped a lot of customers elevate their moods and fight off stress. The average rating of this product on is four and a half stars. This indicates that this product always satisfies its customers. Click here to read more reviews.

During my research I did find some negative customer reviews but compared to the numerous positive customer reviews I read, they seem negligible.

In the end, after reading all of the reviews, I would recommend the Sphere Gadgets Technologies Lighphoria SAD light therapy pad to all who want to rejuvenate themselves and fight the winter blues. This product clearly delivers what it promises to its customers at an affordable price. Click here to check it out.

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