Philips Golite Hf3321 White / Blue Light Therapy Lamp Review

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Beat the winter blues with the Philips Golite Hf3321 Golite White / Blue Light Therapy Lamp. This is a great and compact therapy lamp that literally brightens up your day. It is small enough to be placed on your desk as you work. And this is the beauty of it; you can do other stuff as you get the rest of the benefits from this lamp.

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Philips Golite Hf3321 Light Therapy Lamp Features

The therapy lamp uses the same type of light as the sun, blue light and so you get to enjoy the summer sun during winter and get alert and radiant in just a few minutes of treatment. It works so well that in as little as 15 minutes you can see and feel yourself getting brighter already. It is ideal to use this device just once a day for best results. There is no risk of UV exposure so rest assured that this is the best therapy lamp in the market.

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The Philips Hf3321 Golite white / blue light therapy lamp can be safely used every morning even as you have your breakfast or read a book. It is possible to continue with your other activities since you do not necessarily have to look directly into the light. You will notice your moods getting better and your day brightening up in just a few minutes.

It is easy to use the Philips Hf3321/60 therapy lamp since you can actually use the timer to set the duration of the treatment from 15 to one hour. The intensity of the lamp can also be regulated using the dimmer on the unit. This is definitely the best value for money as far as therapy lamps go; the LED lights used are durable and can last up to 50 years when used daily for only 30 minutes. This unit also comes with a two-year warranty.

Philips Golite Hf3321 Review

On, the Philips Hf3321 Golite white / blue light therapy lamp is a darling of many. It seems to have helped so many people to beat the winter blues. It delivers what it promises and of the 219 reviewers, 125 rate it at 5-star. This unit is even becoming a perfect gift item where satisfied customers are buying it for their friends and family so they do not miss out on this wonderful gadget. Click here to read these reviews on Amazon.

There are however just a few issues with the device which can easily be resolved if you are more keen. For starters, the intensity of the light can be regulated to suit individual needs. One reviewer points out that she bought the device and could not use it because she had had cataract surgery. This is included in the instructions which she of course found out later.

The Philips Hf3321 light therapy lamp is a great device that is full of innovative genius. The allure of getting the clear blue sky light during winter is enough to get you bright, alert and focused. This is important so that you keep the momentum going whatever the weather. Click here to save $31 for a limited time only!

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