Why Choose Bottled Sunshine (Dark Wood (Walnut))

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Features and Specifications:

  • World’s first lamp to deliver beautiful, healthy natural light: breakthrough technology recreates natural light by actively mixing together all the colors of the rainbow. Only Bottled Sunshine matches sunrise, sunlight and sunset during the day, and then candle and fire light at night. Don’t settle for the artificial unhealthy light provided by primitive color changing products, experience the beauty and health benefits of real natural light!
  • Experience perfect natural daylight: Bottled Sunshine delivers bright beautiful sunlight during the day to naturally boost your energy, focus and productivity and lift your mood. Start your day with a beautiful sunrise, fill your space with bright naturally balanced sunlight during the day, enjoy the golden light of late afternoon. Unlike so-called ‘daylight’ products, Bottled Sunshine provides a natural balance of blue and red light – experience bright, stimulating, beautiful daylight!
  • Color & intensity of light changes automatically: Bottled Sunshine delivers perfect natural light at every time of day, time of year and place on earth. The daily and seasonal changes of natural light synchronize our daily cycles (circadian rhythms) – we look, feel and sleep our best with natural light! Artificial light does not change with the time of day and disrupts our biorhythms. Bottled Sunshine is the world’s first lamp to deliver perfect natural light at every time of day!
  • Enjoy natural light right out of the box: just plug in Bottled Sunshine to get the benefits of natural light — NO smartphone or setup required! We pre-set Bottled Sunshine to the time, date and your address before it ships, so there is nothing for you to setup. Just use our oversized sliding dimmer switch to turn on the lamp and adjust the brightness, and our proprietary algorithms do the rest. For those who want more control than Mother Nature provides, we also offer Bluetooth control.
  • Benefit from perfect evening and nightlight: relax naturally with beautiful sunsets in the evening and support healthy sleep with candle and then fire light at night. Bottled Sunshine’s color mixing technology is the first to provide beautiful, healthy evening light. Unlike most LED based products which provide too much stimulating bio-active blue light at night, Bottled Sunshine provides plenty of light to read or work by at night without any bio-active blue!
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